Nail Salon Ventilation Requirements in NYC

Nail salons are highly popular beauty stores for both men and women. After all, the nail technicians can not only help people clean their nails; they also make the nails a piece of art. A lot of people many nail salons for the purpose of making their hands and nails look beautiful.

However, the nail salons can be a dangerous place for both the employees and clients. The said business takes advantage of different nail salon products that contain harmful substances that permeate the air. That is why it is highly required by the government that nail salons obtain a ventilation unit that is specifically for nail salons. That way, the air can circulate better, and the harmful substances don’t concentrate inside the salon’s premises. With proper air ventilation, the employees and the clients who frequent the salon can be kept away from harm and relax.

As a nail salon owner, it is imperative to follow the ventilation requirements set in NYC. There are a few that are too technical, but most are easy to understand. There are companies that can help with nail salon ventilation systems. Click here to contact a local engineering company. Here are the ventilation requirements in NYC that every nail salon owner should take into consideration.

#1. 2015 International Mechanical Code

The said ventilation unit must comply with the 2015 International Mechanical Code published back on May 30, 2014, and by the International Code Council, Incorporated. It was amended by NYS Building Standards and Codes 2016 Uniform Code Supplement to contain even more specific guidelines that are designed for nail salons.

#2. Outdoor Airflow Rate

The outdoor airflow rate of the ventilation unit must be no less than the greater of ventilation standards for the nail salons according to Sections 401 and 403 of the 2015 International Mechanical Code. If not that, it should at least meet the outdoor airflow rate of no less than the greater of 50 cubic feet per minute per nail station.

#3. Exhaust System

The nail salon should also have a mechanical exhaust system. This system is then constructed and designed to absorb all chemical fumes, vapors, dust, and all the other air contaminants while they are still at their source. Once these air contaminants are captured, the system should then be capable of exhausting them outside. Pay attention to the exhaust rate since there is also a requirement for that.

Another requirement is that it should have at least one exhaust inlet per nail station. This inlet is better off being factory-installed by the manufacturer. That way, there is no way that the installation of the inlet is incorrect. You can ensure that the inlet works according to the standards of the industry.

#4. Balanced Unit

The chosen ventilation unit should be balanced. What this means is that it should be capable of supplying outdoor air at an equal rate to that of the exhaust rate. If it is not equal, it is only common sense to not choose that ventilation unit.

#5. Operation of the Ventilation System

Nail salon ventilation systems must always operate at or above the minimum required supply outdoor airflow rate as specified in the code. Also, the code specifically notes that the ventilation system should be capable of operating even when a person is occupying the station.

Of course, these are just some of the nail salon ventilation requirements in NYC. It is important to take note of the other requirements as specified by the code. That way, you can avoid receiving violations as well as endangering the lives of your employees and your frequent clients. Understand that it will be more expensive for you to remove these violations issued against your building as well as paying compensation to endangered employees and clients compared to buying a high-quality nail salon ventilation system.

It is highly recommended to seek the help of professionals or other nail salon owners when choosing a suitable nail salon ventilation unit. With a professional’s help, it should be easy for the owner to pick out a ventilation system that fully complies with the government and industry standard. As for the nail salon owners, you can ask them what ventilation system they have chosen, their experience with that unit, and whether or not they are satisfied. By asking other people’s help, you can get the most value out of the money you spend on the nail salon ventilation unit.