How To Find School Nurse Jobs

school-nurseNumerous individuals want to work as medical professionals. However, they prefer not to work in stressful environments such as hospitals. In this case, those with Nursing degrees typically look for school nurse jobs.

As a school nurse, you are responsible for ensuring the health of the children as well as the health of the teachers, school administrators and other personnel employed in the school. Your duties include, but are not limited to:

  • treat wounds
  • administer first aid treatments
  • screen hearing and vision
  • health education and counseling
  • provide care for students who attend school with chronic health conditions

How can you find a job as a school nurse, though? Here are the steps.

Step 1 : Getting proper education

In order to land a job as a school nurse, you first need to become a nurse. Getting proper education is important for this profession since there are a lot of health-related things that you need to know. Such knowledge can help you do your job better.

Find out what the educational requirements in your state are for this particular job. In most cases, a school nurse needs to have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. These requirements may vary, though, so you have to check with the professional regulatory board in your area for such requirements.

After knowing these requirements, look for a school or university that offers this program. You need to finish and complete the course for you to be qualified to become a nurse. Typically, the program will last four years and will cover everything you need to know about the medical field.

Step 2 : Taking licensure tests and certifications

After completing your Nursing course, there is a need for you to take a licensure test. If you pass this test, you will get your license which allows you to start doing your job as a nurse legally. There are certain requirements that you need to pass before you can take the test so make sure to comply with all of them. You may also need to study in review centers to help you pass the test.

Certifications may also be necessary. Make sure to get certified in as many various related fields as possible.

Step 3 : Acquiring relevant experiences

Most schools prefer to hire nurses who have relevant experiences in the field already. For this matter, you should also acquire as much relevant experiences as possible. You might want to take advantage of an internship program, work as a substitute school nurse, or temporarily work in a clinic.

Substituting as a school nurse, even temporarily, can help you get a feel of what you will be experiencing later on. You will get to know the policies of the school and the common scenarios that you will encounter when you get your job as a school nurse in the future.

Step 4 : Applying for the job

After having your qualifications with you, you will need to start the application process. Create resumes that highlight your experiences and your qualifications. If possible, send resumes to different schools to increase your chances of getting the job. You can contact job placement companies to help you secure a position. Visit for help with school nurse job placement. You can send these resumes personally or online, depending on the school you are trying to get to.

You also need to do your best during the interview. How well you do in your interview can help a lot in your application.

Finding a school nurse job can be challenging. You have to go through these steps without taking any shortcut. However, the job is also rewarding. You will be able to interact with students and play a role in ensuring that they are healthy even at school.