Dangers of Acupuncture Treatment

It is a known fact that medical treatment has positive and negative effects. Whether you opt for homeopathy, allopathy, or any other herbal medical treatment, you will come up with positive and negative sides of the treatment. In the recent years, the treatment of acupuncture has been used by a large number of patients across the globe. Whether a person is inflicted with a knee pain, back pain, muscle pain, or any other kind of physical ailments, the patients from all age-group seek the help of the acupuncture treatment.

Finding the right acupuncturist in a big city can be hard. With the help of the popular search engines, you can easily find the right acupuncture center in your local town. For example, an acupuncture center in Manhattan will have a fully licensed staff. Using a licensed acupuncturists comes with the many benefits, including experience & insurance.

Patients who are going through psychological disorders receive acupuncture treatment to heal from the psychological issues as fast as possible. The treatment of acupuncture has shown a negative result in some patients. The surveys show that acupuncture does not cause much negative result in the body of a patient. It is true that acupuncture has very few side effects on a patient’s body. Read through the following lines to know the dangers of acupuncture.

Acupuncture is all about a painless treatment. During the treatment, the needles are pierced on the acupoints to make the afflicted person release from the ongoing ache. When the needles are pierced on the skin, the person feels mild pain on the skin. The pain of the needles can be compared with mosquito bites. When the needles get inserted on the acupuncture points, you may feel the sensation of mosquito bites on your skin. The portions of the skin which have received the needles during the treatment of acupuncture will have sores. The sores may last for a few days. If you experience any abnormal soreness on the parts of the body where the needles got inserted during the acupuncture session, then you must contact your acupuncturist immediately. Do not overlook the soreness if it continues for a longer period.

Lady doing acupuncture in the earBruise marks
In most cases, it has been observed that bruise marks do not occur on the patient’s skin. If your acupuncturist had applied pressure at the time of inserting the needles, then you might see bruise marks on the surface of the skin. Some patients get bruises on their skin. Whereas, some patients do not get bruise marks. Depending on the exertion of the pressure of needles by your acupuncturist, you may or may not receive bruises on the surface of your skin.

After you receive a session of acupuncture treatment, you will feel exhausted. After the series of needles which are pointed on the parts of your body, your body is bound to show the sign of exhaustion. Do not fret if you experience fatigue. The feeling of fatigue just after the acupuncture treatment is quite natural. Get in touch with your acupuncturist if you feel extreme tiredness in your body.

Depending on your body type and the ability to receive the acupuncture treatment, you may feel your head spin a little. Dizziness can last for a few minutes. Some people faint soon after the treatment has been performed on them. Although dizziness is very rare, it might take place in a person’s body post acupuncture treatment.

Muscle spasm or muscle twitch
Some patients have complained about twitching muscles during and after the acupuncture treatment. No matter which part of your body the needles get inserted, you will get strong twitches in your muscle. During the process of the treatment, if you feel an acute spasm on the portions of the skin where needles are pierced, you must inform about the muscle spasm to your acupuncturist to forestall any future health hazards.

Injury to any organ
Ensure to get acupuncture treatments from a qualified acupuncturist. The wrong insertion of needles on your skin can lead to injury in your body organ. If an inexperienced acupuncturist pushes needles deep into the acupoints, then any complication might arise in any organ of your body.

Sleep hassles
You may feel drowsy all day long after receiving the acupuncture treatment. Some patients have said that they sleep a lot after the treatment. On the contrary, some people complained of getting very less sleep at night.

Bleeding issues
Do you have bleeding disorders? It is better to check in advance with a medical practitioner in regards to your bleeding disorders. It has been noticed that some patients started bleeding after the needles are placed on the acupoints.

Acupuncturists vary in terms of specialty. Some may focus on one area of life, while another focuses on another. Some clinics focus on special areas, including The YinOva Center fertility acupuncture, which focuses on using acupuncture to help couples with infertility issues. Other clinics may focus on using acupuncture to eliminate pain in the body.